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C12v2 is a contemporary online platform for investing digital funds, with tools to expand your network globally.
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The main activity of C12v2 is trading digital assets. To achieve the best results, our traders prefer short positions, performing with automated tools and powerful compounding algorithms that can provide rapid profits within seconds.

Artificial intelligence trading systems and human strategies are jointly used in C12v2 high-frequency trading.

The NFTs, which have given new life to cryptocurrencies by combining art value collection and digital technology, has also triggered smart upgrades in our yielding mechanism. Such proprietary tools help us to stay on top of the online investment market, thus putting C12v212 at the forefront of the industry.

C12v2 delivers an unprecedented level of daily return, yet if you want to start growing your network and create a passive stream of revenue with no active investment required, building a team of investors can bring you from 5-2-1% of all partner's deposits at 3 levels deep. Use your affiliate link to sign up new members!

Action-orientated top-tier marketers with an overall team turnover of $100K or higher can apply to become an official C12v2 Platform Representative to attain a highly profitable extended 7-2-1% Reward. Network designated client support & increased technical ticketing processing speed are guaranteed!

To earn 12% Daily with C12v2, you only have to register an account to access your investment Dashboard. No KYC or ID verification is required. Once you set up Bitcoin, USDT, or Tron payout wallets in profile settings, click on the Investment section, review potential ROI and input a deposit sum to continue. Finish the payment at the Secure Invoice Area next.

Once you process the invoice with a selected digital currency, the platform can detect your transaction. The new deposit credits your balance upon 1-3 Confirmations of the Network. After that, you will start getting the revenue for the next 12 Business Days, which is available to withdraw at any time. Simple as that! Enjoy incredible returns here at C12v2!


The idea behind crafting the C12v2 Investment Plan was to share an unprecedented level of return, at the same time to keep the platform financially stable. A rapid revenue of 12% Daily paid with the principal, reduces the risk to a minimum of 8 Days till the investment breakeven, with a short 12 days lifespan creating a perfect investment cycle that doubles your outlay bimonthly.

    Min. $12
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The name of C12v2 comes from the Latin word meaning ‘flesh’ which perhaps speaks to its reminder that we are flesh and blood and we should make the most of the here and now. The number 12 is considered a master number and is associated with spiritual enlightenment and self-awakening.

C12v2, known as the sunset stone was used for building personal power and confidence with brave warriors wearing it during battle. As an ancient stone of fertility, this name reflects the nature of the platform’s trading mechanism, capable to generate incomparable results within the most effective niche available nowadays.

We undertake full responsibility for our members' privacy and security. Any technical issue is dealt with the utmost importance and respect.

Our company strives to deliver the best suitable solution for every client tier. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and 100% security of your private data by strongly encrypting the sensitive information of our members and storing it in a safe jurisdiction DDoS shielded data center.

Our financial team members are always on duty to ensure the total protection of your funds and privacy at all times by diligently monitoring payout requests and preventing fraud or unauthorized access with cold-stored accounts enforced by manual security mechanisms.

Cryptocurrencies have rushed into our lives, changing the way we think about the financial system and modern economy. Since its appearance, no other asset has increased in value as much as digital assets. We may talk about the time lost and missed opportunities. However, the cryptocurrency market still holds enormous potential.

Digital assets are extremely volatile. Only with real-market experience and insight knowledge, it becomes possible to rise even in a falling market, using state-of-the-art OpenAI instruments. Our team has clear understanding of both technology and blockchain potential. We follow the market trends and never miss revenue-making opportunities.


Invite new members & Earn Affiliate Rewards, credited from all deposits made by your downlines.

Action-orientated top-tier marketers with an overall team turnover of $50K or higher can apply to become an official C12v2 Platform Representative to attain a highly profitable extended 7-2-1% Reward. Network-designated client support & increased technical ticketing processing speed are guaranteed!

*7-2-1% Representative Status A.P. upon $50K Team Turnover, and 12-Tier Intercontinental Status upon request.

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Sooners12 May-14-2024 07:03:13 AM $9887.91
Benjim May-12-2024 06:36:24 PM $8000.00
Starr1 May-11-2024 05:20:09 PM $7650.00
Layton74 May-13-2024 12:31:20 AM $7000.00
Boc12v2 May-11-2024 10:45:44 PM $6353.53
thefinelife May-11-2024 08:53:18 PM $5233.42
Bullpen May-18-2024 06:58:30 PM $5077.52
Fudfarm May-17-2024 05:24:16 PM $5000.00
sundaygolfer74 May-14-2024 04:06:09 AM $4918.52
Coach_Saffy May-18-2024 11:48:23 AM $3800.00
Admin May-12-2024 02:31:56 AM $3547.24
Davey96 May-12-2024 01:24:01 AM $3500.00
Name Deposited Total Paid Team Turnover
Benjim $8000.00 $7680.00 $0.00
Layton74 $7000.00 $4920.00 $0.00
Davey96 $3500.00 $3780.00 $0.00
Starr1 $7650.00 $3421.00 $20480.30
cryptomuscle $1000.00 $3185.52 $89793.73
Sooners12 $9887.91 $2686.12 $0.00
Bitbull $2498.36 $2422.50 $2796.74
Fudfarm $5000.00 $1767.87 $22448.28
nkkat1 $3100.00 $1545.11 $389.33
Abfales $1995.67 $1436.00 $0.00
GMONEY $1187.50 $1351.28 $4405.70
MaryEllen3 $2501.56 $1200.00 $0.00
Name Active Total Ref. link
1 mcbit1 3 156 Join the team
2 cryptomuscle 53 76 Join the team
3 Futureisbright777 28 58 Join the team
4 Ponzipolice 27 43 Join the team
5 unlimitedfreedom 33 42 Join the team
6 SmartInvestment 31 38 Join the team
7 kashempire 17 37 Join the team
8 InstantMonitorCom 25 37 Join the team
9 Cryptocakes 23 37 Join the team
10 Fudfarm 20 29 Join the team
11 UltimateSurvivor777 18 26 Join the team
12 naale 18 25 Join the team

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  • Shadow_Coin invested $49.00
  • Chiya invested $26.07
  • Hramsay invested $19.50
  • Heleen invested $10.00

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  • komissar received $60.00
  • lavista received $12.00
  • Nat04ka71 received $24.00
  • invshib received $12.00
  • Andrey1986 received $12.00
  • kashempire received $35.50
  • Vic001 received $12.00
  • G20 received $12.00
  • Gebporto received $12.00
  • wolfgang received $12.12
  • Wealthplus received $12.65
  • Seadog409z received $63.60

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Top-tier Affiliate program right from the get-go. Get paid instantly from every referral deposit.



Investment breakeven in 8 days.
A fully automated system of accruals and revenue payments.



The highest level of return in a short 12 business days cycle shares 44% Net Profit.



24/7 Technical Support for the prompt solution of any problem. Reserved for platform users only.

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132 Breakeven Reports

Posted May-23-2024 04:24:22 PM
Nice platform keep up the great work thank you
Posted May-23-2024 04:01:47 PM
Long may C12v2 continue!
Posted May-23-2024 02:39:06 PM
Great platform i will keep sharing it
Audrey Eichbauer South Africa
Posted May-23-2024 10:58:28 AM
Thank you!
Audrey Eichbauer South Africa
Posted May-23-2024 10:58:23 AM
Thank you!
Audrey Eichbauer South Africa
Posted May-23-2024 10:57:47 AM
Thank you!
Audrey Eichbauer South Africa
Posted May-23-2024 10:57:44 AM
Thank you!
David Beard
Posted May-23-2024 10:20:24 AM
Great. Platform
Chimalita Nathan
Posted May-23-2024 10:10:45 AM
I love this program very has not failed me
Makanyara Rosemary Munyukwi
Posted May-23-2024 10:01:41 AM
Appreciating the earningd
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